Sister Crayon



An off and on recluse, Terra Lopez spent hours in her Northern California bedroom each day, recording hundreds of gritty, personal demos with her classical guitar and MPC. Since Sister Crayon's debut release Bellow in 2011, Terra Lopez and Dani Fernandez have worked relentlessly to re-invent the project. The focus has changed and evolved to center more towards the project's founding members, Lopez and Fernandez. The two women have honed in on the electronic side of things, centering more on Lopez's powerful, diverse vocal range while utilizing heavy electronic beats and haunting melodies.

Having toured nationally for most of 2012 (with acts Built to Spill, The Album Leaf, Maps & Atlases), Sister Crayon went into the studio late September to record the Cynic EP. The Cynic EP is at times, both raw and inconsolable, inspired by Lopez's absent father and daily frustrations with the past. The project's new body of work is unapologetic in it's intensity allowing Sister Crayon to create their most honest work to date. Upon the release of Cynic, Sister Crayon plans to unveil a new live sound with tour dates in the Spring of 2013 while also writing new material for their second full length, set to be released in late 2013.


Jake Bernstein

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