In the short span of a year, DCUP has made a huge name in the world of house and nu-disco. With a unique brand of club ready, dancefloor heavy disco breaks, power synths and sugarcoated hooks, he's become a staple for dj's in Australia and abroad.

After years of the Sydney native honing his skill, all it took was one demo cd and Ajax signed him up to his Sweat It Out label, and there’s been no turning back.

Since then, the EP dropped, the major labels have come, wallet in hand, looking for DCUP to add his dose of funk fuelled disco to their releases, and everyone wants more. Recently an in house collaboration, "We No Speak Americano" with Yolanda Be Cool, has taken the world by storm, becoming Radio 1 tune of the week, as well as topping pop charts all over Europe.

In the words of Shir Khan, head of Exploited records:

"The track is mega mega big. I played it again on the weekend and I am 100% sure the people didn’t know the track - but it feels like they do know it and you can realize from that reaction that it’s a hit. People always screaming big time well done." With new off-shoots into techno and tech house, DCUP is the brand to watch in the next 12 months.


Adam Ogushwitz

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