The Melker Project


The Melker Project is a “mashup and remix artist” based in New York City. He takes songs you love and turns them into songs you will love even more. Sometimes people call him Johnny Cashin’ Out, Skeetwood Mac, Booty Huxtable, Skeevie Tricks, A$AP Scotty, Ballin’ Oates, Trill Collins, Holla Peño, Melkradamus, Melka Flocka Flame, Ricky Exit-Row-Zay and Lil’ Yung Melks. Come to a show and say hi.

The Melker Project 2 is the second full-length mix from the artist of the same name. An opus for the ADHD generation, this genre busting mixtape, which utilizes parts of nearly 200 songs and showcases Melker’s world class scratching and mixing skills, will please even the pickiest music aficionados. The Melker Project’s first mix garnered international acclaim, receiving tens of thousands of downloads. Riding on the success of his individual remixes, a number of which have topped The Hype Machine charts and have been highlighted on the biggest music blogs on the internet, The Melker Project 2 is sure be a viral sensation.


Robert Krevolin

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