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Active since April 2010, Blackbird Blackbird (Formerly Bye Bye Blackbird), a.k.a. Mikey Sanders, is a prolific dream pop artist from San Francisco, CA.

Seemingly always working on new material, Blackbird Blackbird's collaborations with female vocalists (including Emily Reo, Steph Thompson) have allowed him to take his music to an entirely new level.

Reminiscent of Gold Panda or Washed Out crossed with female-fronted vocal samples, Blackbird Blackbird has transcended attempts to denounce him as merely "fitting in" with a specific genre or classification.

Blackbird Blackbird has also generated a huge following on Hypem and is frequently listed on the Top 100 and climbing the charts as one of hypem's most blogged artists.

In interviews Mikey has discussed growing up highly influenced by My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive, M83, Joy Division, and New Order. His music and style are unique, experimental and unclassifiable.


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